ACL2020 Virtual Presentations

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) is a research organisation, conference organiser and publisher dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating intercultural awareness and promoting international exchange, principally through educational exchange and academic research.

Virtual presentations afford authors the opportunity to present their research to IAFOR’s far-reaching and international online audience, without time restrictions, distractions or the need to travel. Presenters are invited to create a video of their presentation, which is then uploaded to the official IAFOR Vimeo channel and remains online indefinitely. This is a valuable and impactful way of presenting in its own right, but also an alternative means for those delegates who may be unable to travel to the conference due to financial or political restrictions. The same publishing opportunities apply to virtual presenters, with final papers being included in the ACL Conference Proceedings.

 This video archive is best viewed on a desktop computer with a strong Internet connection. 

Virtual Reality for Language Learning
Takako Aikawa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Conceptual Metaphors in Political Discourse: State is Woman – Woman is Construction
Sonja Tomović-Šundić University of Montenegro, Montenegro
Kristina Gvozdenović University of Montenegro, Montenegro

Cultural-Communicative Styles: The Case of Indonesia and India
Munmun Gupta, Binus University, Indonesia
Katharina Endriati Sukamto, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Indonesia

Applying Cooperative Development in Exploring College English Teaching in a Large Class Format
Fan Yang, Beijing Language and Culture University, China

A Snapshot of e-learning: Vocabulary Retention in Academically-advantaged Background
Yung-huei Chen, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Valuing Diversity: Content based EFL Teacher Training
Aliza Yahav, David Yellin College of Education, Israel
Manal Yazbak Abu-Ahmad, Sakhnin Teacher's College, Israel

The Picture That Is Worth Ten Thousand Words
Yuemin He, Northern Virginia Community College, United States

Japanese ESL Students’ Willingness to Communicate in English
Tomoko Takahashi, Soka University of America, United States
Tatsuya Aoyama, Soka University of America, United States

Gender Differences in Subjective Age of Word Acquisition
Gordana Kerestes, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Mirjana Tonkovic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Anita Peti-Stantic, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Compiling Learner Corpora on Four Types of Common Errors Made by Chinese EFL Students
Elaine Y. L. Ng, Wenzhou Kean University, China

Student’s Attitude Towards an Integrated Program of English and Character Education
Yu-chi Chuang, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan

Global Education in Non-native English-speaking Countries, Challenges and Opportunities
Clara Evi Citraningtyas, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia
Karina Viella Darminto, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

Politeness and Impoliteness Strategies in the Courtroom: An Analysis of a Trail Script
Tilabi Yibifu, Akita International University, Japan

Translation and Interpreting Activities in ESL to Recharge Sociocultural Awareness in Students
Iuliia Sazanovich, ITMO University, Russia
Inna Anokhina, ITMO University, Russia

English Vowel Duration Affected by Voicing Contrast In Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese
Nguyen Van Anh Le, Sophia University, Japan
Mafuyu Kitahara, Sophia University, Japan

Increasing Tutor EI Skills to Improve Tutee L2 Writing
Inna Anokhina, ITMO University, Russia
Iuliia Sazanovich, ITMO University, Russia

A Proposal to Develop Explicit Grammar Knowledge as an Expansion of the Presentation Stage in the Three P’s Framework
Diego Monasterio, Bernardo O'Higgins University, Chile

The Production of English Affricates by Yemeni EFL Learners of English
Mohd Hilmi Hamzah, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia
Najah Ahmed Khamis Bin Hadjah, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia
Abdul Halim Abdullah, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Local Tourism Destination Content in Online Travel Agency Promotion
Martriana Said, Universitas Pancasila, Indonesia
Fani Nabilla, Universitas Pancasila, Indonesia

Cross-cultural Language in Clint Eastwood’s Movie Scripts
Yujin Fukatsu, Gakushuin Women's University, Japan

Progressive Expressions in the Papiamentu Language
Patricio Varela Almiron, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan

The Ratios of CEFR-J vocabulary Usage Compared with GSL and AWL in Elementary EFL Classrooms and Its Implications
Yukiko Ohashi, Yamazaki University of Animal Health Technology, Japan
Noriaki Katagiri, Hokkaido University of Education, Japan

The Advantages of Using Image-schematic Animation in Teaching English Prepositions
Tomoko Tsujimoto, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

Bilingual Transition of Address Terms for Family Members: A Longitudinal L1 Case Study from Birth
Hanako Hosaka, Tokai University, Japan

A Cross-Linguistic Investigation on ‘Outer Circle’ Englishes: A Corpus-Based Approach
Orlyn Joyce Esquivel, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines

Representation of Chinese-Sundanese Ethnic Identity in Suryakencana Bogor through Code Switching and Code Mixing
Nathalia Soemantri, Pancasila University, Indonesia
Feriska Belia Ahadyah, Pancasila University, Indonesia

Perceptions and Experiences of Female Emirati Learners' Engagement in English Language Learning: An Ethnographic Case Study
Thivashni Naidu, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom