Award-Winning Indian Documentary “Dreaming of Words” to be Screened at ACL2022

Dreaming of Words, the award-winning Indian documentary film directed by Nandan, will be screened at The 3rd Asian Conference on Language (ACL2022). The film will be prefaced by an exclusive introduction and followed by a live Q&A session with the director himself.

Dreaming of Words is the recipient of several awards, including the Kerala State Television Award (2020) for Best Educational Programme, the Festival Prize for Best International Documentary Film at Festival International du Film de Bretagne (2021), and the Festival Prize for Best Poster at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival (2021), and has been screened at numerous film festivals and academic conferences worldwide.

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Dreaming of Words (2021)

Dreaming of Words CoverNjattyela Sreedharan, a fourth standard drop-out, compiles a dictionary connecting four Indian languages. Travelling across four states and doing extensive research, he spent twenty five years making the multilingual dictionary. This unique dictionary offers a comparative study of Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. Dreaming of Words traces Sreedharan's life, work, love for languages and the struggles to get the dictionary published. The film also explores the linguistic and cultural diversity in India.

Speaker Biography


Film Director & Producer, India


Nandan is a writer and filmmaker from India. He was born in Kerala into a family prominent in the field of arts and literature. It was during his college days that he watched Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon and decided to be a filmmaker. He completed his BTech in Civil Engineering and worked in Bengaluru though his interest was always in the fine arts. Then he moved to Mumbai to follow his passion in filmmaking. There he started his career by working in advertising films. Since then he has worked as an assistant director in several major feature films and many advertising films for various reputed brands. He is known for directing Breath and Dreaming of Words.

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